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In an environment characterised by increasing regulations managing and mitigating regulatory risk assume strategic importance. Businesses, these days, need to comply with a host of complex regulatory requirements sometimes on a daily basis. As more and more regulations are added in and existing ones undergo constant change it can be really difficult for any business to keep up-to-date with the changes. Keeping abreast of the changes not only entails employing qualified and trained staff but also means committing other scarce business resources.  Smaller businesses now have the option of outsourcing their compliance function.

We provide advice, guidance and support to small and medium sized businesses to manage and mitigate regulatory risks. As with any other risk we help businesses identify, measure and mitigate risks arising out of delays and non-compliance with regulatory requirements. We have developed a comprehensive compliance risk management model for small and medium sized businesses. The model would map out the compliance requirements for your business and identify gaps upon assessing your compliance level.

We can provide independent advice and assurance on regulatory compliance and continuous assessment of regulatory risk arising out of current regulators whilst assessing the impact of new regulations.

We can also help by:

  • Finding ways to mitigate your regulatory risk
  • Preventing fines and enforcement
  • Reducing costs associated with regulatory compliance
  • Providing independent external assurance
  • Advising on business best practices
  • Helping with initial applications for authorisations and approvals
  • Carrying out a regulatory due diligence
  • Advising you on corporate governance best practices
  • Carrying out regular onsite compliance reviews

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