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Business planning and strategy

A business plan structures your ideas and puts them together in to a credible document. Often a good business plan turns out to be the common denominator connecting many successful businesses. Whether being a source of invaluable information to potential investors or a tool that conditions your business activities a business plan is critical to your business success. As specialist advisors we work closely with our clients. We will build an exclusive business plan that will consider your specific circumstances. Basically, it will have well defined goals and clear strategies to achieve them. We can also offer one-off services like:

  • Preparing feasibility studies
  • Preparing budgets, establishing key value drivers, key performance indicators and monitoring performance
  • Preparing cash flows and carrying out a business health check
  • Advising on the capital structure and financing decisions
  • Valuing businesses
  • Advising on buying, selling and exiting businesses
  • Preparing you for flotation of your stocks
Small Business Strategy, Small Business Advice