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Year End Accounts, Statutory Accounts

The UK Companies Act 2006 requires incorporated businesses like registered companies and LLPs to prepare and maintain certain statutory accounts and records and file the annual year end accounts with the Companies’ House. The accounting records and the year end accounts need to comply with the company laws and generally accepted accounting principles, besides being useful for filing tax returns and for VAT accounting purposes.

We offer a range of statutory year end accounts services for businesses of different sizes:

Small businesses

For sole traders, partnerships and limited companies we offer a comprehensive package that includes preparation of annual statutory accounts, tax returns, vat returns and companies house compliance. Usually, for small businesses these are prepared from the raw data contained in their invoices and bank statements. Currently small businesses choose to dump these in to their respective client portals available on our website and we do the rest! We may also be able to advise them on a suitable accounting package (e.g. Sage, QuickBooks etc) where the accounting is done in-house.

Medium sized businesses

Accounting for medium-sized businesses may be more technically challenging due to the technical complexity brought on by regulatory reporting requirements particularly where external investors are involved in. In such cases seeking external support may be helpful particularly when the year-end accounts are due. Besides easing the pressure on the key finance staff, availability of external help at short notice could also fill the vacuum created by the sudden departure of a key finance staff. We could help in a variety of ways:

  • Managing the year-end processes, finalisation of year end accounts
  • Providing the services of a technically qualified interim accountant for year-end accounts at short notice
  • Preparing the year end statutory accounts and statutory financial statements from the trial balance stage
  • Preparing statutory schedules, reconciling accounts, and liaising with the statutory auditors
  • Advising on accounting treatments of various transactions considering technical accounting standards including International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), UK GAAP and IFRSSE (small businesses)
  • Preparing the final statutory accounts and financial statements for external investors, private equity investors, stock exchanges and for publication.

Overseas businesses

We are also able to help businesses based overseas with preparation of their statutory accounting and reporting requirements of their holding company or subsidiaries based in the UK that are subject to UK regulations. This could include accounting, company secretarial services and external financial reporting to comply with the rules of London Stock Exchanges including the main market, PLUS or AIM exchanges.

Statutory Accounts

Management Accounts